Table d’hôtes - dinner

Cooking and tasting delicious meals has been our passion for years. The year before our move to France, Tarcies did an internship one day a week in the kitchen of René Tichelaar (Restaurant De Gieser Wilderman in Noordeloos), a famous chef and proud owner of a Michelin star for many years. We like to prepare (vegetarian) starters from regional products such as Puy lentils and wild mushrooms, which can be found here in many varieties from April to December. As a main course we like slowly cooked dishes such as tenderloin and veal fillet. And we have an excellent supplier of fresh fish. Our extensive platter of regional cheeses has been highly appreciated by our guests for years!

In the meantime, we have gotten to know many local producers of meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruit in the valley of the Dore and we use their products in our kitchen, often in a surprising and innovative way.

We mainly buy the wine from Max and Odile (Les Vins Perruffel) in Beurières, supplemented with fine wines from areas in France and Italy, which we visit during the quiet periods in Ambert.


  • Homemade aperitif - amuse bouche
  • Hot or cold starter
  • Main course (fish, meat or vegetarian)
  • Large platter of regional cheeses
  • Dessert

€ 34,50 (per person)

Plate Auvergnat

Between 12 and 5 pm!
  • Local charcuterie (cold cuts)
  • Local cheeses
  • Olives
  • Pickles
  • Bread and butter
  • Glass of wine from our region

    € 30 ( for 2 persons)

    Packed Lunch

    • Sandwich
    • Salad
    • Yogurt
    • Fruits
    • Chocolate / cakes

      € 12 (per person)